Thursday, September 3, 2015

No Home School

Home schooling doesn't make you socially inept, it just makes you awesome enough to do shit people remember centuries later. ~ Frost7 (

Well, some people shouldn't. My mother homeschooled us from my 5th grade year until my 9th grade year, and I still wish she hadn't. Now it's my in-laws turns. Yes, "turns" - as in, more than one of my in laws wishes to homeschool.  

Sister in-law
She wishes to homeschool her daughter, who starts kindergarten this fall. Her son, who is in 2nd grade this year, has been in public schools all throughout. Of course, he has some serious behavior issues, and sis-in-law doesn't like dealing with him. She has no intention of homeschooling her son, just her "baby."

As it turns out, she enrolled her daughter in the kindergarten program at the same facility where she had been doing preschool. This institution only teaches preschool and kindergarten. She wishes next year to enroll her daughter in the public school kindergarten. Not sure why, but she seems intent on holding her daughter back a year. My neice is 5 as of June this year and has no major behavior issues.

Brother in-law
He wishes to keep his daughter (his oldest child) at home. He and his wife cite issues with the local school district as their reasons. They would do private school, but they simply cannot afford it. I believe they are afraid of public schools... reasons unknown. Problem 1 is that neither he nor his wife should be attempting to educate anybody (gamma pastor, anybody?).

Problem 2 is that his daughter, my neice, has severe behavior issues. Mom and dad have thoroughly taught her to be a brat, demonstrate antisocial behaviors, and seek negative forms of attention at every turn. In a room full of kids, where my nephew mentioned above would be seen as mildly annoying, this neice would stand out as the single most obnoxious child of any age.

So I ask - what in the world could go wrong here?

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