Monday, September 21, 2015

Minuteman Rifle

Ok, so you really want a 16" M4 style AR15 for your minuteman rifle. Fine choice. Here are some suggestions.

Free float the barrel.
There's no reason not too. The benefits outweigh the marginal cost. Maximize the accuracy. Minimize thrown shots because of barrel pressure.

Get a midlength.
Again, no reason not to. Softer felt recoil and less wear on the bolt. Price is the same.

Upgrade the trigger.
This will be the best $200 you ever spend on the rifle.

Get good glass.
Most people would do best to get a red dot. Aimpoint or Eotech are your best bets. If you get a scope, go low fixed power or variable power with a 1x setting.



  1. What do you recommend as the best trigger to upgrade with? What is your opinion of ALG Defense Enhanced Triggers?

  2. Again, thank you for reading.
    Though I have no direct experience with ALG, at the same time, I've heard nothing but good about them.
    That said, my primary rifle (SPR) wears a Geissele trigger and it's by far the best I own. This is relevant, of course, due to the relationship between Geissele and ALG.


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