Friday, September 4, 2015

Liberal Conversation

A typical liberal: "where do you live that you feel a need to carry a gun with you everywhere?"

Me: "in a country full of mentally ill liberals (but I repeat myself) who want to kill people."

Most of these recent mass-murderers have been mentally ill liberals (again, I repeat myself). A good number of liberals don't want good people to have guns. They will knowingly try to exploit these tragedies so that guns can be taken away from others.  They know full well that it won't stop the next tragedy, but they still want the control. And that's what it's all about: CONTROL.

It's the same when they knowingly vote for democrats, not because Dems support true liberal causes, but because they, the liberals, know they'll get free shit.

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  1. Where i live -- well I can tell you where I don't live.....

    I don't live in Heaven where God's protects all.

    I don't live in the state of denial that so many people seem to "things like that" can and do happen everywhere.

    I don't live in a crime free area.

    I don't live in a country that free from over-reaching, getting darn near tyrannical bureaucrats.

    So in short, I live in reality. I know the odds are long I'll ever need to use a firearm -- but the stakes are too high not to have it.

    Bob S.

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