Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Joke of The Day

My regular day job has me in the offices of insurance professionals. Once or twice a year, my boss will ride along with me. My current supervisor is close to my age, and worked for 10 years in an agency and 10 years as a rep like me. He has been in management for a few months now.

We saw a client of mine a while back. One of the topics that came up was the subject of gay marriage. Now that it is the law, gay couples are eligible for married discounts the same as straight couples. My client, whom I've known for a decade, and with whom I cut up a lot, asked if there was a separate drop down box in our quoting system for married straight and married gay.

My reply:
"Simply one drop down - 'married' - then there is no cross reference with the insured's gender.  Now, in Alabama, there's another box marked 'married - sibling' and one marked 'married - cousin'."

We had a good round of laughs and my boss used that one for the rest of the week.

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