Friday, September 25, 2015

How Would You Answer?

From a reader:

How would [one] answer this? "Will you apologize to Mr. Smith for hurting his feelings?"

Fantastic question. Let's use the  Alpha Game model of hierarchy to gain insight. Here's how I imagine each would answer:

Alpha: "Apologize??? For 'hurting his feelings'???"
(Scoffs and nods a resounding "no!")

Beta: "Mistakes were made and I regret that."

Delta: "I'm sorry, bro. It won't happen again."

Gamma: "If I've offended you, then I apologize."

Omega: (either doesn't show up to the meeting or bombs the room when the question is asked)

Sigma: "Nope. Won't apologize when I've done nothing wrong."
(Drops mike & walks off)

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