Friday, September 18, 2015

Drama Decrease

I (used to) belong to a Facebook group designed to provide a forum for people to buy and sell their things. This specific one had an extremely odd rule about a specific set of code words that must be used to claim a listed item.

You will not hear me claim that ignorance is an excuse... it's not. The simple fact was that I was ignorant of this rule in this group. No excuses offered. I researched the group's Terms Of Service and these code words were alluded to, but strictly mandated in one section. Another section stated they were mandatory.

The concept was that if you were interested in purchasing an object listed for sale, you had to type the exact word "interested." Evidently, even though one part of the TOS clearly said that the interested party must state clearly that they are interested, the words "I'll take it if you still have it" are not taken as indicators of interest by the grammar Nazis on this group. 

So what did I do?

I didn't yell.
I didn't complain (that would have proven quite difficult, as finding a Facebook page moderator or admin is nigh impossible)
I didn't rant on the page.
Life will go on without that item.

I simply removed myself from such an asinine group.
Oh, yeah, they stated in the TOS that they do not allow the sale of firearms and ammo. All that did was solidify my decision.

Or, as my wife said - "oh, that page is not about buying and selling. It's just for people who have nothing else to do all day except troll FB looking for trouble."

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