Friday, September 25, 2015


 Stay alert,  you never know when there will be a notification sent out that your local PD is looking for a criminal. This happened in my town.... close. Not in my neighborhood, but between me and the Wal Mart mentioned in the article.

Anyways, when the police (yet again) find themselves unable to apprehend a robbery suspect, they tell people to be on the lookout. They say they hope people will be wary so as not to get hurt. They also issue the warnings in hopes that someone will spot the criminal and notify them.

Well, someone certainly spotted the criminal and notified the police. That same someone also held the criminal at gunpoint to make sure he didn't go anywhere before cops arrived. I wonder how long it actually took from the time the gun was first drawn and the call made, until the time the police rolled up in cruisers?

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