Thursday, September 10, 2015

Antisocial Behavior

From a reader:

Why do you rail against antisocial behavior? I've often heard it said that's an indication of intelligence.

Good question.
I found a meme that gives the quote here. Let's dig in a bit, shall we?

The majority of antisocial people I've come across were more intelligent than "average." Not as smart as they thought they were, but definitely above "average." Now, the really intelligent people I've met were able to blend when they wanted to or needed to.

Here's the "gotcha" moment. These slightly-above-average-intelligence antisocial people typically behave antisocially in social settings as a means of tying to obtain something.  Most commonly, they seek attention. In almost all other cases, they seek something gained only via winning at social interaction.

In other words, they mix yellow and blue, and expect to get red.

The vast majority of females - from little girls to grown women - who display antisocial behavior do so to seek attention. The rare exception to this rule is the woman with psychological issues. Females who exhibit antisocial behavior rarely have anything of value to offer social circles - beauty, skill, motherly instincts, etc.

The vast majority of males who exhibit antisocial behavior - from little boys to grown men - are gammas. By definition, this means they act more like women than men. Here's where it gets a bit more complicated... as usually the gamma seeks attention via antisocial means, but often that attention is to gain something usually obtained through regular social interaction (admiration, trust, reputation, etc.). Remember,  the gamma believes he deserves that which the Alpha has, but has no substance to justify their "deserving." By definition, gammas have nothing to offer social circles.

If a person mixes yellow and blue, and expects to get red, then they go against the natural order of things. It's ok to go against the grain, but do not expect results only obtained by following the grain!

If you wish to obtain something that can only be obtained in social settings, then learn and follow social rules.

If you have nothing to offer a social group, then simply acquire a skill or attribute that is desirable in social settings, and follow social rules.

Or, go on being antisocial in your own little world... just don't expect social results.

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