Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Rousey - Cyborg

A few days back, Ronda Rousey won yet again. Her opponent had not even regained consciousness before the marauders started in about the hypothetical Rousey - Cyborg match. Of course, I'm  of the opinion  that Rousey has no need to move up in weight to make this match happen.

That said, I'll play and give you a hypothetical situation where it would make sense. Here are the specific circumstances needed:
* Rousey retires undefeated as Bantamweight champion. Maybe 15-0? That means she beats Tate again, Holly Holm, and the next victim.
* Rousey starts a strict regimen of steroids, to bulk up to about 170 pounds walking around weight... like Cyborg.
* Rousey goes clean for a few months or a year so she can pass drug tests.
* Rousey is offered $10 million to fight, and another $5 million for a win. Make it worthwhile for Cyborg, too.
* Make the match at a catch-weight of 150 or so.

This would make sense. What do you think?

Oh, and Ronda destroys Cyborg in this match. I predict a KO inside of 60 seconds.

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