Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Hotel Musings

Sitting in the hotel breakfast lobby writing this. Yesterday was the martial arts seminar. I'm a bit sore, and soon we will leave back for the Nashville area.

The hotel is in the middle of Athens, GA. This weekend was registration weekend for the University of Georgia. Many families are here with their Freshman son or daughter. Here are several observations from the weekend:

At this hotel, as was also the case in years past, people are here with college age daughters over sons by a margin of 10 to 1, at least. Not sure what enrollment numbers are these days, but assuming they are pretty close to even, it would seem our society requires boys to "man-up," while simultaneously coddling grown daughters as though they were needing support.

I despise that mentality of support.

Many times (most of the time), the mother and daughter clearly favor one another. In cases where one is heavier (NOT always the mother, mind you!), that heavier one is eating "healthy whole grains" for breakfast. The slimmer one is either consuming very small portions of fruit or yogurt, or is eating meat & eggs.  This was true in every case I saw.

Of the martial artists I saw at suppers / lunches / etc., the heavier ones were always consuming grains. The leaner ones were consuming salads, vegetables, and meat.

I have yet to see one halfway alpha-male dad here with his daughter. Or even a beta. Mostly deltas, maybe a gamma here or there.

As a Vols fan, I kinda feel like a spy in enemy territory.

There weren't this many obese freshmen when I started college in fall of 1993.

The athletes still stand out and look like the athletes did 22 years ago.

The hotel breakfast lobby is much more crowded than it ever is during the week when I travel for work. And the hotels I generally stay in have much smaller breakfast lobbies than this. This lobby is three times the size and has many more people (dozens more).

Austin, Cael, and I were observing that confidence is not necessarily part of what is being taught in the martial arts any more.

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