Thursday, August 20, 2015

Grappling Musings

This past weekend, I taught a fundamental hadaka jime session. There were also four other 90-minute sessions taught at the seminar. Attendees had varying ranges of experience with grappling and striking arts.

Several of the masters had kind words for me after the session. Said it was informative and reminded them of old-school grappling. (Note - it had better!)

A friend and fellow grappler was talking with me after the sessions, and sharing some BJJ moves he has been working on. He is a BJJ brown belt, Judo black belt, and 4th degree black belt in a jiu-jitsu style that resembles Judo and BJJ in the sense that they learn mostly grappling.

My friend showed me about 4 or 5 sport BJJ moves. He had also commented that my session brought back old memories as we focused on getting the fundamentals of grappling down correctly.

Then, the next day (after going over some more sport moves) he talked about how he prefers the self defense moves. About that same time, one of his students was having great difficulty getting out of a scarf hold / headlock while rolling with a grappler from a different school.

All irony, in my book. Not a dis on my friend, but this is the mindset that's out there. Sport grappling =/= self defense.

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