Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Gamma or Omega?

I'm about to fire my attorney. I don't trust him to get justice for me. He acts like he's sitting on his hands, waiting to play defense. Grumble. Complain.

<<< Meets with attorney. >>>

I like this guy. He's going to win this for me. What's funny is he almost fired me at the beginning of the meeting. He pushed opposing counsel around on the phone. I can't figure out his plan, but he has a really good plan.

Witnessed this recently. My wife asked if this narrative came from a Gamma or an Omega.

Clearly, the attorney is an Alpha.

And equally as clearly, the narrative comes from a Gamma.

The Attorney
The attorney here is adept at asserting his will. He dominated opposing counsel, as well as an overly emotional client. All Alpha traits. 

The Client
The client enters society frequently enough, but doesn't understand "the rules." That's why he needs an attorney in the first place. His issues with the attorney prior to meeting are all based in emotion. The attorney asserts dominance, and all of a sudden, the client "loves" him (like a woman would... almost). All Gamma traits.

An Omega
Is generally clueless. Doesn't generally venture into society. Stays quiet (and therefore is perceived to be playing by the rules) when in social situations. Isn't generally all emo about everything.

Would never need an attorney in the first place. And would never react like this to an attorney. If things did go extremely poorly, and if the Omega was enraged, the Omega would go on a killing spree - likely killing the opposing party, all attorneys involved, and maybe a few innocent people, as well.

A Gamma
Generally exhibits behaviors of a (typical) woman.
Would be in a litigation (like a woman).
Would be mad at all parties involved (like a woman).
Would be planning to base decisions on the emotion as opposed to the facts (like a woman).
Would respond (like a woman) to the Alpha.



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