Friday, August 21, 2015

Exercise and Weight Loss

This past weekend, at dinner with several other martial artists from the seminar, I observed two separate, but equally sad statements.

Statement 1
This statement, made by a woman who stood 5'3" and weighed north of 250 pounds. When asked what she wanted to eat for dinner by the server, she placed her order. The server was made aware of multiple allergies experienced by my fellow martial artist. The list was... impressive.

What she wound up eating was mostly grain-based. There were a few vegetables and a tad of meat.

It is my opinion, as well as the opinion of many in the medical field with credentials to back it up, that if she went grain-free, her allergies might well reduce or subside completely.

Statement 2
This statement was made by a gentleman who, though a towering 6'4", also claimed to weigh 340 pounds. He said he didn't worry about diabetes, because he was so active that he would burn up the sugar. This right after he said he was "only" 270 pounds in college because he lifted weights more then.

His dinner? An entire appetizer plate of nachos, two liters of beer (yes, liters, not pints), and a "donut-burger" complete with fries.

I actually ate more food than either of them - 25 chicken wings. Also has carrots & celery. The restaurant had a hot wing option where the sauce was Sriracha. My weight on Monday morning? 208

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