Friday, August 7, 2015

Do-Nothing Bitch

In a recent interview, Ronda Rousey  was quoted as saying her mother did not raise her to be a "Do-Nothing Bitch." Of course, many eyebrows were raised on this statement.

What I found funny was that both the Red Pill universe and the feminist universe took exception to the comments... albeit for differing reasons. I have a slightly different take on it. Of course, first I watched the interview, then again, before forming an opinion.

Rousey's comments were aimed at women who basically sit around all day and have a man provide for them. And while a certain amount of this is the foundation of human society, we have taken things to an extreme in modern America.  It used to be that the men would go hunt (later, work the farm) and the woman would do the "domestic" chores.

With the advent of modern technology, domestic chores do not require anywhere near as much manual labor. To be fair, most occupations do not require as much labor as hunting or farming, but still: the person must go to a place of employment in most cases and do specified tasks. Someone who is relied on to simply do domestic chores does not have as many tasks to perform, plain and simple.

Enter the dependopotamus. This creature not only depends on a man for support, but does so from a different household, removing her only redeeming quality from the equation: child bearing and rearing. This is the quintessential DNB.

To be completely fair, Rousey does not depend on a man for her sources of income. She is extremely active, as opposed to the typical American woman. Her work provides for society as a whole (entertainment value).

Now, many in the Red Pill world decry her as she does not fulfill her natural role: child bearing and rearing. I offer this rebuttal - at least she is a productive member of society, filling a role that a man cannot, and earns her own way in life. She is certainly not a DNB or a dependopotamus - both of which drain the resources of modern society.


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