Friday, August 14, 2015

Anti Gun Argument 1

Some people claim they are anti-gun. Or, at least, that they wish to ban (or perhaps merely restrict) certain guns. To be sure, it is not advisable to engage in long arguments with them, but in select instances, it is necessary to establish the opposite point of view.

Ask a question.
Use a question that will bait them into painting themselves into a corner. This is not a "trick," because a true trick would go against the natural order of things. Anti-gunners are already operating against logic and the natural order of things, so it is really they who have painted themselves into the corner. You are simply going to demonstrate that.

Do you think we should restrict some guns or all guns?
All guns: respond with the question - "and how do you propose we forcibly remove guns from the possession of criminals?" Here's a hint - this question cannot be answered.

Some guns: respond with the question - "how do you propose we handle it when criminals get their hands on the wrong type, because you know they will?"

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