Monday, July 27, 2015

Vacation Takeaways

Last week, I spent time with my family on vacation in and around Cape Canaveral, FL. Here are some random thoughts and observations from the week:

Getting sick on vacation
Getting sick on the last day of vacation is better than getting sick on the first day. Of course, not getting sick at all on vacation is the preferred methodology.

Whiny cousins
Whiny cousins get played with less often than the rest. Then they whine, complain, and make drama because they aren't being included.

Disney is not cheap
And it was worth every penny. Not sure I'll ever go back, but I am sure my kids made memories for a lifetime there. Once was enough for me, and my son says he agrees so far.
(For the record, my mom told me she took me when I was 17 months old. I have no memory of it, and there are no pictures nor other evidence of it. I think it was just a ploy to not have to take us when we got older.)

It was funny to hear thousands of little girls sing Let it Go during the evening Disney festivities.

Baby steaks
My daughter, whose nickname is "baby cakes," declared at the table of a Brazilian steak house, that we should call her "baby steaks" for the rest of the evening.

Doing martial arts.
Thrice on my vacation, I visited a nearby dojo run by a long time friend. Two of the three times, I was enlisted to help run the class. So much for just participating.

Beautiful side kick
Those were the words of one of the elder Sensei present who had only ever seen me do jiu-jitsu before. When he learned of my karate rank (5th Dan), his response: "that's all?!?" His suggestion  was that I get ranked higher in karate.

Missed the rocket launch.
Was doing karate at the moment. Thought it had launched the day prior, when it had originally been scheduled to launch.

Missed the sharks, too.
Not as upset about this one.

Disney is not just American
Most of the other people there when we went were from foreign lands, based on their languages. No, not all were Spanish-speakers... most were African and European.

Cruise ships
They leave out of Cape Canaveral fairly regularly. We were at the Ron Jon Resort, and it has a fantastic view to watch the ships leave. The Disney cruise ship is absolutely huge!

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