Thursday, July 16, 2015

Kimura Secrets Review

Some time back, I purchased Rafael Lovato Jr.'s DVD, Kimura Secrets. I've watched it a couple of times and here is my review on the video.

First, I bought this video on my own. It was on sale from BJJ Super Deals, though I cannot recall the price. If you do not follow BJJ Super Deals on Facebook, I highly recommend it. They put up some deals that really save money. The only drawback is that they know price points well, and you might be tempted (a lot) to buy when they run a special.

On to the video itself...

Production quality is about on part with many instructional videos.
Sound is fine, as are the camera angles. And that's a misnomer - there are no "camera angles," per se.  There is only one camera and all shots are taken from one stationary spot. Mr. Lovato and his demo partner simply rotate to give you different angles.

Content is where this one shines.
If you are looking to learn 87 new techniques, this is not the video for you. This video only deals with the Kimura arm lock (ude garami) from the side position. Note: I include the north-south as part of what I call side positions, as it is a top position that is not the mount. This video will give you options to make this one attack very strong.

There are 14 techniques presented.
Six of the techniques are based on how to secure the Kimura, depending on your opponent's hand positioning or reactions. Two more techniques are dedicated to counters to a strong grip by your opponent in an attempt to thwart your Kimura attempt. The final six techniques are dedicated to transitions that arise from a thwarted Kimura attempt.

Mr. Lovato's instruction presumes you have an intermediate knowledge of grappling.
Transitional techniques include wrist lock, straight arm lock (juji gatame), Ezekiel choke (sodeguruma jime), bow & arrow choke (jigoku jime). I do not recommend this video for a new white belt. I would suggest it for a green belt or above in my dojo, or for a blue or purple belt in BJJ.

Good video. Definitely worth the modest price.


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