Friday, July 24, 2015

In Memoriam

Thus concludes the one week of silence observed on this blog after the terrorist attack in my hometown that killed 4 US Marines and a US Navy Sailor.

Thus has been a story I've followed closely, as it hit so close to home. While there are many articles out there, detailing this facet or that, my inclination was to do a big picture overview. With that, I'll begin. And no, I'm not gonna cite sources on this, but you and Google are welcome to figure it out.

Chattanooga police will kill you.
They have some of the best tactical training money can buy, and no ordinary need for it. I'm not going to stoop to saying it was needed in this instance, it wasn't. Several people close to me from the area have alluded to the possibility that more than one officer shot a fatal blow. The same sources indicated that "perhaps," an officer or two "made sure" the bad guy was down for good. However, from first hand knowledge of dozens of Chattanooga police officers, this is SOP when someone fires on a Chattanooga cop.

I'm glad the shooter won't face trial.
But I really wish it had been the Marines and the Sailor to have secured that outcome.

The President WILL NOT condemn radical Islam.
No matter the facts in his face. 

Arm our military and do it now.
Enough said. And while several other governors have issued executive orders, our own spineless Bill Haslam won't do that. Instead, he put the matter up for study. That means, if we are lucky, it will become law July 1, 2016.

It was good to see the support.
Many non-Chattanooga friends updated FB profiles to "NoogaStrong" or similar. Some even made the journey to Choo Choo Town to show support. That was cool.

Gun free zones have got to go.
How many more senseless shootings must occur in gun free zones before we have had enough? We the People must take back our full 2nd Amendment rights.

Domestic spying has got to go.
Seriously, none of that data collected by the NSA was used to stop or prevent this.

Yet again, it wasn't a redneck with an AR15.
We aren't even spying on the right people.

The "Peaceful Religion" just isnt.

Some tweets I made on that day:
Wondering if it was a mentally ill liberal loon or a member of the religion of peace responsible for the #ChattanoogaShooting  ? (Tweeted very early, before reports came in).

Calls for gun control in ... 3 ... 2 ... 1 ...

"Muhammad Youseff Abdulazeez" =/= "Domestic terrorist"

Obama trusts Iran with nukes, but not Marines with guns...
<sarcasm font>
<<< Hmmm... that makes *sense* >>>
<sarcasm off>
(Posted 7/19)

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  1. 2nd par. response: me too. in fact, 2 marines were "reportedly" armed with a personal handgun, to their demise this did not protect against an AK, thus going back to my response to point on par. 1, and your point in par. 4.


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