Tuesday, July 14, 2015

False Reposts

Came across this on Facebook recently. Read it carefully and I'll tell you how you can know it's fake.

1. Immediate police investigation.
About the only "crimes" that police will actively try to prevent are drug and prostitution related. In other words, "crimes" where there are no victims. If police really thought something was up, they would either not be there at all, or they would be harassing the man in question.

2. Phony investigation.
Since when do police tell you what they are investigating? They don't do that. Especially if they have no evidence on the suspect.

3. White van.
Ever see the "candy van" meme on the Internet? Come on , be creative.

I'd seen this, attributed to several people from different parts of Tennessee and other states as well. Some details had been changed (the name of the local park, for example). But some details like "hardly to no hair" and "50 - 65 years old" hadn't changed. Also, the "police whipping in" is part of it.

The Anecdotal
Now those are the parts I'm sure of. What is odd, though I cannot prove it conclusively, is the fact that almost every person I've seen post this has had the police badge with the thin blue line as their profile picture in the past 6 months. Makes me wonder if it's anti-CopBlockers trying to raise up public support for police.

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