Saturday, June 6, 2015

One of These Things

Someone recently asked why a particular candidate for our HOA Board garnered so much support so quickly.

I submit to you the brief descriptions each candidate wrote about himself / herself. I am taking reference to names and gender out. You tell me which one you'd vote for:

Person A
Person A has lived in the community since 1993. Person A's late spouse was on the original board of directors. The community is very important to Person A and he/she hopes to contribute to the community he/she loves and enjoys calling "home."

Person B
Person B has lived in the community for 12 years and had raised his/her family here. Person B has business experience, management experience, and as a small business owner, has skills in negotiation and problem solving.

Person C
Person C is relatively new to the community, but is interested in helping to maintain the community as a safe, great place to raise his/her family. Person C is a CPA specializing in tax services. Person C has experience with budgetary reviews and account management.

One of these candidates is clearly a man. One is clearly a woman. And one is not sure. Can you spot which one is the man? That's the clear leader. That's the one who garnered so much support so quickly.

Not surprising, really.

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