Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Not Being "The Fat Guy"

By all accounts, this article is written by a regular guy. However, had it been written five years ago, it would have been written by "the fat guy." The fingers writing it are the same (mostly). The brain is the same. The drivers license and handgun carry permit are the same. But to look at the two guys side by side would be a different story.

We used to all have "that guy" in our groups. You know, the guy who outweighs everybody else there. The guy you want on your football team, or on your side of a game of tug-of-war. I was that guy.

At high school graduation, I was 265. At college graduation, it was 285. Most of my adult life it was 280 - 300. At my peak, it was over 320. I wore XXL shirts and 44" pants.

A client and I were discussing proper diet last week. She said: "but you can eat whatever you want... You're skinny!"

I am not "skinny," but I sure as hell am not fat, either. Today, I weigh 210. I wear L shirts and 36" pants - and all of these can be bought at most any store. I can do push ups - as many as 50 in a row and over 100 in a session. I can do pull-ups. I can run more than a mile, and not be out of breath.

I only have one chin.

People treat me way differently.

Heavier women and women at a "5" or less will look at me in disgust. I'm told its because they resent not being able to attract "something like that."

Men treat me like one of the guys. Not like one of the guys that just can't hang with the others due to obesity.

People in general treat me with respect. No looks of disgust.

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