Monday, June 29, 2015

For the Love, For the Hate

From a reader:

Why do gammas hate you and other sigmas so much? Is it for the same reason they tend to hate alphas?

Short answer - pretty much, but it's not so simple.

First, we must remember that the opposite of love is not hate.  Indifference is the opposite of love.

When someone, especially a gamma, hates someone or something, that person or thing occupies their mind. In extreme cases, we say that person is "obsessed with" the object of their hate. Similarly, people in love wirh one another often experience similar levels of "obsession" with their mate.

Sigmas, by their very nature, have mastered their emotions. And therein lies the problem. A gamma sees this, and often envies the sigma... up to and including to the point of hate. The gamma longs to be this way, and frequently conjures up images of Mr. Spock or Data from Star Trek.

Remember, the gamma lives on an emotional roller coaster and covetousness is a big part of that. Way down deep, the gamma knows his antisocial emotional instability is his weakness, and he *wishes* he could change it. He wishes he could be praised by people in times of "warranted" emotional outburst like the alpha. He alternates that with wishing he simply didn't have the emotional outburst like the sigma.

Then the gamma alternates this wistful thinking with hate for the sigma for "being lucky." Nevermind the fact that when immature, the sigma is frequently mistaken for a gamma. Nevermind the fact that the sigma had the humility to look at things as they are, and then mastered himself.

No, the gamma just wants to take a pill and magically be a sigma. Or an alpha. Or whatever their emotionally unstable flavor of the week is this week. The hell with all that self-improvement BS... it might require work.

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