Thursday, October 2, 2014

Real Life

A few weeks ago, at the most recent Invicta event, I watched Michelle Waterson defend her Invicta Atomweight championship. Waterson's nickname is "The Karate Hottie." I wondered what style of karate is practiced by Waterson. A Google search yielded American Freestyle Karate as the answer.

However, one of the things that pooped up was Waterson's participation in the MTV show "Bully Beatdown." In both the striking and grappling rounds, Waterson toyed with the bully:

Not ironically, the next one I clicked on was Jason "Mayhem" Miller vs. another bully:

It always amazes me when untrained people think for a moment that they can "last" against a trained fighter... or even score a surprise victory. That's mostly Hollywood stuff.


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