Thursday, September 25, 2014

Many Errors

The following is copied from a Facebook conversation between two people I know. One is a police officer, the other is not. The other, whom we shall call "Citizen," is like me - feels police have too much authority, and abuse said authority way too much.

Officer: Please qui [quit?] sending me the "bad" cop stuff - my job is hard enough, and I have lost friends over the years - one that was shot with her own gun. There are "bad" people in every profession - it does not make us all bad or bullied in school.

Citizen: I'm not sending anything.
(note - Citizen was not sending anything, but was hitting "like" on statuses.

Officer: I keep getting stuff from you called "Cop Block" and it is all police bashing crap.

Citizen: I do follow that page and hit "like" on a fair amount of it. I do not send that to anybody.

Officer: For some reason, I keep getting it.

Citizen: Upper right corner of any post is a down arrow. Click it: then select "hide all." This should remove things you don't want to see.

So many things I could say on this. Suffice it to say, this officer is never going to have to worry about maximum allowable IQ results. 


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