Monday, September 1, 2014

Can't Play Well

As a rule of thumb, I get along great with most everyone I meet. We all have that exception here and there, and I am no different. However, 99.99% (probably more) of the people I come across have no issue with me, nor I with them.

There is an element of surprise to this statement, as my few close friends describe me as a Sigma... one who has no penchant for playing the games of society. That's me. In groups, I can take the role of Alpha, Beta, or Delta, as the group needs. Oh, did I mention that I only become a part of a group for specific reasons - to benefit myself, to benefit my family or friends, or to benefit society or my country or planet. I tire easily of groups, so I rarely belong for a long time, with certain exceptions of course.

Over the years, I have noticed that 0.01% (probably less) of people I do not get along well with. I have studied this odd group. To be sure, I have noted that these people do not get along well with much of anybody. For me, that is the issue, as I usually play well with those that don't play well with others. So people like this fascinate me. It is a challenge to figure out what makes them "tick," so to speak. So I have developed a list of observations.

One thing I have noticed is that those who have issues with me almost invariably suffer with depression. That's not to say all who suffer with depression don't like me - as that's certainly not true.

Another trait I've noticed in these anti-social folk is that to a man (and woman), they have issues with jealousy. Well, how does that apply to me, the author? Simple. I am a man who accomplishes what I put my mind to. If I see something I want, I earn it. If I see a skill I'd like to have, I acquire it. These people would rather sit around and complain and be jealous of some "lucky" person who, in their opinion, was given the world on a silver platter. They never see the hard work and sacrifice put in by the person who owns the object or possesses the skill.

Not always, but I've often found that these social rejects are diabetic. I am, too (technically). In most cases, these folk are overweight, and dependent on medications. I overcame a need for medication due to proper diet and weight loss. Another observation - these people mix the jealousy and diabetes... in other words, they are jealous of my victories.

Big ego is another observation. So big, they have to "win." Here is a maxim to learn: it's hard to win a fight when there is no fight. Also, hard to win when it is a topic not worth fighting over. Also hard to win when you are just plain wrong. Believe me, I get the idea of venting via computer. Hell - I run a blog (duh!) for that very purpose.

Gamma/Omega would be the best way to describe the male versions of these people. Tier 4 or 5 would be the best female description.

There's the detail. the "Cliff's Notes" version is still the same: these folks don't play well with anybody. Online, they appear as trolls or, less frequently, mods (is there really a difference in a troll and a moderator except for authority?).


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