Friday, September 19, 2014

10 Comebacks

Came across this link the other day. It inspired some thoughts:

1. Most cops understand why tickets are necessary, but don’t particularly like writing them. Well, unless they happen to stop “the guy who pays their wages” and then writing a ticket isn’t so bad.
Most sane people don't work jobs where they "don't particularly like" 85% of the duties...

2. The vast majority cops have never shot anyone, but most cops can recite a detailed list of people who are/were deserving of being shot because they posed a deadly threat. This means that most cops have successfully defused a potentially deadly confrontation using only words and less-lethal weapons.
Nope... not even close. Most never see any real action, which is why harmless people get killed by police every day. Agreed that some people deserve to be shot... seems that the percentage of police deserving it is higher than the rest of the general population.

3. Most cops wonder if they have something better to do until the person asks in that whiny voice, “Don’t you have anything better to do?” It is then — and only then — the cop knows the answer to that question is, “No. This is good as it gets.”
Sounds like the truth hurts.

4. Most cops know the driver they just stopped had more that “two beers” and can estimate with reasonable accuracy how many beers a driver did, in fact, have.
Really? Surely you can't be serious.

5. Most cops like donuts, but so does everybody. They are deliberately made to taste really, really good so people will want to eat them. Please pass me another donut. 
Only valid point of the 10. 

6. Most cops wonder why so many members of the community choose to pick up a mobile phone and record them while the officers are rolling in the dirt with an assailant rather than offering to help the officer.
Because jumping in is likely to get you shot and killed. 
And recording the officer is the only nonviolent way to get police abuse eliminated. 
7. Most cops don’t know the color of the people they stop before the traffic stop takes place. This is especially true when those people are driving cars with tinted windows at night.
Disingenuous. Patrolling certain areas, looking for certain "infractions" which are more highly associated with one race over another...

8. Most cops know that if you fix that muffler / tail light / other mechanical issue for which they’ve stopped you, the cops will stop stopping you.
If only...

9. Most cops know it is impossible stop a squad car fast enough when the drunk in the back seat says, “Stop! I think I’ve got to puke.”
Why do you need to stop? It's not like you are going to take the drunk out of the car.

10. Most cops know that the national media do not pursue the truth, they pursue a story. Their story and the truth are too often a little like fraternal twins. They are related, but cops can’t explain why they don’t look anything alike.
Funny... since a cop's version of "the truth" is often just as skewed.


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