Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Who Is Your Money On?

The internet legend goes like this:

At a celebrity charity event, MMA star Bas Rutten (6'1" - 214 lbs.) accidentally stepped on the foot of NFL All-Pro Linebacker Brian Urlacher (6'4" - 258 lbs.). Rutten apologized, and offered Urlacher a beer. Urlacher, however, elevated the situation... eventually asking Rutten: "Do you want to take this outside?"

Rutten had a one-word reply: "Yes."

Security then interjected themselves, and informed Urlacher about his would-be opponent. Later, in a show of great wisdom, Urlacher apologized to Rutten.

Dang. I'd have paid to see that fight.
It would have been VERY lopsided.



  1. The second and often overlooked part of Heinlein's quote ".....Manners are important when your life is on the line."

    Or at least functioning body parts.

  2. Urlacher wasn't that good of a linebacker.


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