Tuesday, August 19, 2014

TN Senate Race 2014

Despite my vote, as well as votes from everyone I know who claims the "Republican Party," "Conservative" or "Tea Party" status, Lamar! Alexander won the primary for a third try at his US Senate seat. I actually do not know a single "Republican" friend who voted for Lamar!. I do know a few Democrat friends who did, though...

Funny... Lamar! once said:
"Serve two terms and get out."

I wish he had kept that promise. 

On the other side of the ticket this fall will be Democrat nominee Gordon Ball, a millionaire Knoxville attorney. A quick view of Ball's campaign website shows that he actually holds to principles that I value. Aside from wanting to "fix" Obamacare instead of replace it, and aside from wanting "big business" to "pay its fair share of taxes," Ball actually resonates on many levels. 

Too bad that those tax and health care policies WILL turn into negative things if Ball reaches Washington. 

That brings us to the Libertarian running for Senate, Joshua James. James is like me - conservative leaning for years and more recently Libertarian leaning. Some have pointed to "Tea Party" leaning Tom Emerson, Jr. However enthusiastic Emerson is, and however much I do agree with most of his platform, he is for the strengthening of police forces, and that NEVER leads to more liberty. 

Gordon Ball probably mirrors most Tennesseeans' points of view more than any other single candidate. 
I am voting for Joshua James unashamedly.


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