Monday, August 18, 2014

Governor Race 2014

As expected, Bill Haslam won the Republican primary for Governor here in Tennessee. The Democratic nominee will be Charlie Brown... no, I'm not kidding. The only web presence for Brown is a half-@$$ed Facebook page that doesn't even spell his name correctly.

As for a redeeming feature: Brown said he would like to strap Haslam to an electric chair at "half-jolt."

Had Mark Clayton not been denied a spot on the Democrat ballot, he would probably have won. I voted for Clayton for senate a couple of years ago over Corker... due mainly to the fact that Clayton is better described as a Libertarian than a Democrat. It would have made me happy to cast a vote for Clayton for governor this fall. Alas, the Democrat party blocked that possibility.

So I went out and looked for a good candidate. Remember, I had encouraged others to vote for "Coonrippy" in the primaries. I did, as did all voting members of my immediate family. Coonrippy came in second (yay!), but Haslam gets the nod.

Back to November, when I cannot vote Republican due to the liberal and often fascist nature of the candidate (as is the case with Haslam), I usually look to third-parties. In most cases, the Libertarian party will field a strong candidate. Not so this time.

Have no fear, this time around, the Constitution Party has a strong candidate. Shaun Crowell is my pick for governor. I urge you to consider voting for him if liberty is what you value.


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