Thursday, August 14, 2014

Appleseed Summary

From a reader:

So, in short, what is your take now on Appleseed? Good, Bad, Ugly?

The Appleseed folks adhere to strict safety rules.
They do teach high power shooting. This is a dying art.
It's a good start.

They don't really teach rack-grade iron-sight shooting at 500 yards, like they claim.
The Army Qualification Test is not currently used by the Army, nor has it ever been.
People in the Revolutionary War did NOT learn to shoot using a sling.
2-8 was originally concocted for M1 training. It needed to be dropped in 1959 with the adoption of the M14 and 20-round mags.  

You'd be better served to rest the gun and get a known zero.
As with any group - they can be a bit high on themselves.
They virtually never mint a rifleman of a student who is new to firearms. 
As often happens, the program has some contradictory nuances (e.g. - scopes OK for high power shooting, but rests aren't).

I've got a lot more on Appleseed. Check out the label for more reading  -->


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