Friday, July 4, 2014

This is Why We Are Doomed

Independence Day.

The day we gained our freedom.

The freedom we have since given away.

I saved this post for today, July 4 - for just that reason. Freedom.

Some time back, I witnessed an exchange on a neighborhood social media outlet:
People were complaining about folks speeding in their neighborhood. That's a fair complaint. Some of the complaining people started suggesting that police should be called, or even requested to run speed traps in the neighborhood.

One person came in and warned of "inviting THE MAN into your life."

Immediately, several of the complainers pounced... decrying this person's warnings as idiotic and asinine. The comments were truly astounding as these people denied that we live currently in a police state.

I've tagged that thread for review in a year or so... the same folks who wanted the police presence will be the same folks complaining about getting speeding tickets. That's for sure.

Who knows... if they are "lucky," then they might actually be the same folks targeted for a no-knock raid.


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