Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Keep On Keepin' On

The other day, I saw a post on Facebook from a person I knew in High School. She wrote of her life over the past three years. This is what raised my ire:

She wrote of how her husband had "walked away" from a good-paying job at a nonprofit company three years ago. He had walked away, she wrote, due to "taking a stand" against actions that the company perpetrated that "grieved the heart of God." He finally got another job in his field no - three years later - and that was the reason for the post.

She continued to say "the journey was much harder and longer" than they had figured it would be.
She never worked during this time.
Her husband only worked part time and occasional contract jobs.
Husband was "holding out" for something "in his field."

And then we had this quote... which is what set me off:
God provided the food we needed through Food Stamps.  I HATED using them.  Every time I went to pay with my Access card I felt sick at my stomach and horribly embarrassed.    I saw the things that people posted on facebook about the “lazy” people who use food stamps.  And I felt sick.  I heard the things people said in the store against people who use food stamps and I felt sicker.   I can’t tell you how thankful I am to not to have to use food stamps anymore!  I think that’s what I’m most excited about!  But,our journey in the land of welfare helped me to have more compassion.  To see the cycle of poverty…to understand how hard it is to get out.  To be thankful that we had the opportunities that so many don’t have so that we had a greater hope that someday we would exit the land of welfare.

My thoughts:
If I hated something... I wouldn't keep doing it for three years!
I've lost a job before (although it was due to NO fault of my own, unlike this situation) - it took me all of three months at the longest to replace it.
If something about my life made me "feel sick" - I wouldn't keep doing it!
It is not hard to get out of the cycle of poverty... here's the secret (shhhh!) - WORK!

Furthermore, all this was your husband... but why couldn't YOU work during this time???

Look, I'm glad they kept their morals. I'm glad she was thankful at the end. But this attitude right here is why we as a country are doomed.


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