Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Inspires no Confidence

How not to inspire confidence in your future martial arts instructor:

Ask: "do you give discounts?" to a club already running the lowest costs in town... by a wide margin.
($60 per month compared to $120 per month & up at all local competitors)

When the reply to the question about discounts is: "only for church attendees (at the church where the martial arts lessons are held)," ask:
"So everyone just basically lies and says they attend to get $10 off per month?" (and ask it for real)

Have nothing to say when the instructor replies that he is one of the door greeters at the church and would know immediately if someone were fabricating such a story.


Continue by asking if uniforms were required for your kids.
<< No, just let them be the only kids in the whole class without one! >>

Also, continue by asking if you can roll over classes missed into the next month.

Side note: all of the things up to this point are not necessarily bad, in and of themselves. 
They do, however, look REALLY BAD in retrospect when the next sequence of events happens...

Write a check drawn on an internet bank.
Have said check bounce.
Main excuse why check bounced: "I thought my overdraft protection was set up, but it hadn't been activated."
Ask if you can write another check, drawn on the same account, to cover the one that just bounced!
Act annoyed when the instructor informs you he won't accept your checks any more.
Try to make it seem the instructor's fault that you intentionally wrote a check you did not have funds to cover.


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