Wednesday, July 9, 2014

I Wish We Had a 2nd Party, Much Less a Third

A few weeks ago, I was listening to talk radio (something I rarely do these days). It was the first I'd heard of the new talent on 99.7 in Nashville in the early afternoon slot. The show was fine. There was a statement made by the host that needs addressing.

At the heart of the topic was the recent MS Senate primary runoff results between Establishment Republican Senator Thad Cochran and State Representative Chris McDaniel. Cochran was losing, but then enticed black Democratic voters to vote for him... something these voters will not likely do this fall in the general election.

Similar thing happened to US House Majority Leader, Eric Cantor recently.
I hope the same happens to Lamar! on August 7 here in TN.
(Vote Joe Carr - not Lamar!)

Back to the radio show...
The host and a call-in guest were speaking of the guest's intentions to vote Democrat or "3rd Party" in the fall instead of voting for Cochran (the caller was from MS). The host stated: "this is where you have to put those differences aside so that we (Republicans) can have a majority in the Senate."

I've never heard a statement so asinine!

If a Republican Senator is voting with the Democrats so often, then (s)he would not help you attain a majority!!!
So what if the Senator has the (R) beside his/her name!!!

It's statements and sentiments like this that give the Libertarians and others the fuel to say things like this:

I say definitely vote 3rd party if you have a turncoat Republican or Democrat in office!

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