Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Myth of Rape Culture

As time passes, we hear more and more of the myth that is named "rape culture." At its core, it is the teaching that "sexual violence is deemed to be so pervasive that all women live in constant danger from all men." (Link to quote)

When a person objectively looks at all data, and not cherry-picked tidbits, the picture becomes very clear: there is no rape culture in America. The vast majority of men never rape anyone, and never even get accused of it.

When analyzed objectively, a very few people commit the vast majority of rapes. There are also a lot of rapes accused toward people close to the false victim - indicating a lot of women are falsely accusing friends and lovers of rapes that never happened.

It's not about "teaching men not to rape." That is the most asinine statement I've read in years. The vast majority of men know not to, whether they were "taught" not to rape or not. The ones who rape will likely do so regardless of what or how they are taught. And they will do so over and over.


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