Tuesday, June 17, 2014

More Delta Shenanigans

Flew Delta last week. Yep, they screwed up.
Nope - wasn't my decision to fly them.

Flew out Monday. No errors on my end, but my boss' flight was inexplicably delayed, then cancelled. He was supposed to arrive Monday at 11:00 am in Madison, WI. He actually arrived after 8:00 pm.

Flew back Friday.
Was supposed to be back by noon. Arrived in Nashville at 10:00 pm.
That was a total of four delays.
One plane was declared mechanically unsound to fly. More on this below!***
One plane was inexplicably delayed... twice.
Another flight (this one to Knoxville from Detroit) - right next to my final leg - was simply cancelled.
Folks from the cancelled Knoxville flight were told (at the gate) that their luggage would be transferred to the Nashville flight. The pilot later advised us (after we were in the plane and taxiing down the runway) that their bags were not going to arrive in Nashville.

The broken plane:
We were in Madison, WI, awaiting a flight to Detroit.
After we were seated, the intermittent delays began. After a couple of them, the pilot explained there was a maintenance light indicating a situation that needed to be checked. After a few more 10-minute delays, the pilot announced we would not be taking this plane to Detroit, and that he had confirmed that a new plane would be brought to the terminal.
We disembarked.
After more than 90 minutes of delay, a new plane was ready at the terminal, and we were invited on again. It was clearly and literally a new plane - looked much newer and less used than the prior plane. Plus, I watched them take the old plane away and move the new plane into place.
The pilot actually told us on the loudspeaker that it was the same plane, just with a fixed issue.


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