Monday, June 30, 2014

MK12 Type Rifle for SHTF

From a reader:

Your thoughts on an MK12 for home defense or TEOTWAWKI?

In the words of professional wrestler, Daniel Bryan; YES! YES! YES!

For my readers, the MK12 is a version of the AR15 rifle. It seems to cut the difference between a Squad Designated Marksman (SDM) rifle and a RECCE rifle. Unlike the RECCE, the MK12 has been adopted as an official rifle for certain military specialty groups, and has official specifications. Like the RECCE, the specifications are quite wide-ranging.

The MK12 can have an A1, A2, or even a carbine stock. It has an 18" match grade stainless steel heavy barrel, and a match trigger.It is topped with a scope of variable magnification. Some people top the scope with a piggyback red dot.

The MK12 is a fantastic platform for precision. It suffers (as does the SDM, M16, etc.) a bit in close-quarters battle due to length, and optic. However, it is still a superb rifle.

If your choice is the MK12, you have an excellent option for home defense, SHTF, and many orther applications.

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