Thursday, June 19, 2014

Happy Anniversary

To me, that is.

No, it's not my wedding anniversary - that's in July (16 years this year).
It's my blog anniversary. This blog is 5 years old today.

In that time:
Over 2100 articles published.
Over 90,000 page views.
January 2012 was my all time high with 4500 page views.
July 2009 was my all time low with just over 500 page views.
Since January 2010, the blog has averaged over 2000 page views per month. 

Most referrals:
Gun Blog Black List

Most visited pages:
Shooting Jacket Product Review
Appleseed Suggestions - Shooting the AQT
Appleseed and the Tube Feed

Countries that visit the most:
USA (60K+ views)
Russia (5K views)
France (2500 views)

Browsers used most:
Firefox (24K+)
IE (23K+)
Chrome (17K+)


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