Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Fight Results

A while back, I was made aware of a "street fight" caught on film. The two antagonists are described in some youtube clips as a "DJ from New York" and a "Truck Driver." I'm not sure if those descriptions are accurate, but for the sake of this article, the simple descriptions "DJ" and "TD" will suffice.

Here is the clip (warning: mature language and real violence):

Here is a link to Rener and Ryron Gracie doing a breakdown. Very insightful.

Lessons learned:
  • DJ is overly aggressive with his verbage and by throwing the first punch. In that respect, he did get what he deserved. 
  • TD punches DJ 11 times after the knockout, by my count. Not needed. Overkill. 
  • Neither man wanted to go to the ground, but the fight went there very early on.
  • Understanding grappling positions and transitions is vital to self defense. 
  • Understanding how to throw a punch and how to defend a punch is vital to self defense. 
  • No kicks were thrown in this fight, that I could see. 
  • When skill is negligible, size and strength matters. 
  • People didn't want their cars damaged in the fight. haha
  • It seems TD had better punching knowledge than DJ. Perhaps it was only better natural ability.

If either of them had even six months of jiu-jitsu training, this fight would have ended sooner in that man's favor. Case in point, here is a video of Rener Gracie accepting a challenge from a Taekwondo black belt:

Rener gives the man a rematch, even. One armlock and one rear naked choke later, it seems the man was convinced of the effectiveness of jiu-jitsu.


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