Monday, May 12, 2014

Contest Results

Eight weeks ago, my church decided to throw a contest - a weight loss challenge. Teams of four would be weighed in at the beginning and end. The team with the highest total percentage would be declared the winners.

I volunteered to be included on a team, should someone need another person to fill out a team. It just so happened that one team needed two more people, so my wife and I joined that team.

At initial weigh-in, I was 239.6 pounds. At final weigh-in, the measurement was 206 pounds. That was good for 14.02%. That happened to be second-best in the entire church for individuals... only 0.02% behind the man who lost the most weight (as a percentage).

My team wound up in second place out of over 8 teams, with each individual losing at least 10 pounds. Combined, we lost 69 pounds.

The entire group of teams lost over 550 pounds.


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