Tuesday, May 13, 2014

All In How You Look At It

Do your kids ever claim there's nothing to eat in the kitchen... yet you know you went to the store just yesterday?

Did you ever do the same?

Pops had a unique method for handling this situation. He would say (while counting out on his fingers, point by point):

"There's soup ...
... cereal ...
... sandwiches ..."

He would say that every time we complained there was "nothing" to eat. 
Do your parents ever say something so frequently that you get sick of hearing it?
This phrase was just that way for my siblings and I.

Later, my brother, sister, and I christened these three food items as "The Three S's."
Yes... we knew that "cereal" starts with a "c" - but it is a soft "c" sound, so it sounded close enough.


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