Friday, April 18, 2014

Revolution Mechanism

This past weekm, in Nevada - we had an interesting showdown. At the heart of it was the Bureau of Land Management trying to control and own property (not legal for the Federal Government or its agencies to own property under the Constitution) and bully a local cattle rancher.

When the BLM got nasty, rancher Cliven Bundy got help... from thousands of patriots who came out and had a standoff with the Feds. Eventually, the BLM caved.

I saw a commentary on Facebook from a group, and the commentary said that the Feds, if they wanted, would have destroyed even 5000 civilians, and that the US citizenry stands no chance against the Federal Government if it comes to war.

I would agree in theory only to that statement. If *all* of the military were to turn their might on the US populace, there would be a massacre. Victory for the people would be difficult at best. Technology and sheer numbers would favor the government.

(and this is a very big but)

That is assuming too many things. Things like:
Assuming that *all* of the military would turn fire on US citizens.
Assuming that all weapons would be brought to bear.

Truth is: 
Over half of the military would "defect."
Many more would refrain from obeying unconstitutional orders to fire on US citizens.
Very few instances of technology would be brought to bear on US citizens.
The fighting that would occur would motivate many more citizens and "former military" to join the revolt.

It would not be a long, drawn out war, as the primary target of a revolt would be politicians in Washington DC. Hypothetically speaking, of course, once DC had been removed as a threat to the freedom of We the People, then the "war" would be all but over. And that would happen within a couple of weeks at best.

And this is why we need the Second Amendment.


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