Friday, April 11, 2014

Power Tie

Wearing a suit is not my favorite thing to do, but it is something I do well. In business, especially sales, the tie is an important part of the suit. Some go for the red power tie, and others choose the blue power tie. I've seen politicians on "both" sides choose both red and blue, depending on time and circumstance.

Red power ties typically invoke feelings of power, assertiveness, authority and confidence. But can indicate too much ego, threatening, or overly aggressive. 

Blue power ties indicate trust, calm, peace, and tranquility. However, they can leave the observer with feelings of cold or predictability.

I wear a yellow power tie. It invokes feelings of cheer, optimism, and friendliness. The potential drawbacks include impulsiveness, which is furthest from my personality, and a person learns that within moments of meeting me. So for me, it is the best color.

Also, going away from the red or blue is a way to stand out. I was once in a group interview. There were 8 other men, and we were all vying for one job. Every other man in the room (including the interviewer) wore a red or blue tie. I had on my yellow tie.

Not ironically, my alternate favorite tie is a violet shade... and that indicates calm and in control.


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