Thursday, April 3, 2014

Kicking the $h!t Outta Diabetes

From a reader:

You have said on your blog that you are Type 2 Diabetic. You’ve also stated that you have it under control with diet & exercise. If you were newly diagnosed today, what changes would you make and when?

Fantastic Question!

My mother died due to complications from diabetes (although she died after I found out I was diabetic). My father lives with diabetes every day. His father died due to complications from diabetes. So you could say I was *predestined* to fight this battle.

My dad goes to dialysis three times per week, and I text with him every morning he goes, to give him something to do during the boring three hours he has to stay at the clinic. It breaks my heart to see the things he has fought through: amputation, loss of eyesight in one of his eyes, hospitalization, dialysis. To say I'd like to avoid these things is an understatement.

I did a lot of self-experimenting to find out what worked and what didn't work with regards to keeping my blood-glucose under control. What I found was consistent with what other successful people have done to control their diabetes. Nevertheless, I wish I had known that day about the following blogs:
1. Mark's Daily Apple
2. Diabetes Warrior
3. Wheat Belly
4. Free the Animal

So what would I do this day if I was diagnosed? I would do the following:
  • Fast. No, seriously, I'd fast for at least a day... maybe two days.
  • Keep on "fasting." I'd eat only one evening meal per day. (some call this "Warrior Diet")
  • Eat a Primal/Paleo diet.80% of calories from meat. 80% of meat from beef, bison, lamb.
  • Very moderate exercise: walk 5 days+ per week, lift something heavy once a week, sprint once a week. Play a lot with the kids!
  • Drink more water. Reduce (nearly eliminate) sodas, drink 3 liters of water, minimum, per day.
  • Resistant Starch. Stuff works like insulin shots or meds, but without all the harmful side effects.
If I did these, and didn't skip any of the points, I have no doubt my BG levels would have been completely stabilized within 90 days.

PS - the morning I wrote this, my fasting BG was 80. The evening before, right after a large meal (3 pork chops, green beans, broccoli), it peaked at 109 at about 90 minutes after eating.


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