Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Great Reward

I rarely discuss my current work or job on this blog. There are several reasons for this, but the more mundane reason is that little of it is of interest to most of my readers. I earn a good living in sales and have since 1998 - the year I graduated college.

1998 was also the last year I was not recognized as a top performer in sales. Most would fall behind an excuse of being new out of the gates, or similar. I offer no excuse: I exceeded quotas, but was simply not employed long enough to qualify as a top performer.

Speaking of quotas, I've never failed to exceed mine.

Now, being recognized as a top performer can mean many things to many organizations. Indeed, within the same organization, there may be multiple possible rewards. I've gone on trips, been the recipient of bonus money (that is always good!), as well as simply received a congratulatory email and encouragement to keep up the good work.

Generally, I prefer the money. 

Two weeks ago, I was along for the ride on a trip to honor the award winners within my company. The top 5% of producers were selected, company-wide. In my division, only 7 were selected out of 77 producers. I exceeded quota by over 26% - target production was a bit over $8 million, and results were a hair over $10 million.

So I went along with the other winners to New York City. 

My plan is to put up some posts with observations and even some pictures of the trip on the blog over the next few days. Hope you enjoy!

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