Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Things that make you go hmmm

A letter from a man who has gone on the record as having served as a pastor before (probably got fired?) and wants to serve in that capacity again.

(edited for language and paragraphs added to make reading somewhat plausible.

What a huge f***ing coward you are? Well, I can't leave this as a comment on your blog, but I can make sure your b***h @$$ gets it anyway. Of course, you woudn't want anyone to know the truth, huh? So, since I’m no longer at that church and no longer under the authority of those pastors, I’m going to finally have my say. This will be the last I will ever say about it.

What this boils down to, you pissy b***h, is that you were The Teacher, high and exalted (in your mind), and a lowly newcomer dared to question your word. Well, c*nt, when you go making statements like “This verse says God decided to enrich the lives of those who would chose Him” when the verse says NOTHING of the sort, expect your b***h @$$ to be told “that’s not what the verse means”.

When people say “Being a teacher isn’t that important to me. I could take it or leave it” what they mean, and your b***h @$$ meant, is “This is very important to me. I would feel threatened if I saw someone who could take this away from me”. You know it, I know it. You tell yourself whatever the fuck you have to in order to sleep, whether by your wife or whatever slut you’re sleeping with this week.

What I asked for an apology for never once changed. You owe me an apology for making comments about me behind my back on a blog without saying them to my face. Of course, cowards do just that. As far as your claim about me being a coward, who drug you in front of [name withheld] and [name withheld], c*m sucking b***ard? Who confronted you to your face, b***h?

Oh, just to clear up your f***tard stupidity, by the way, I never said babies die and go to heaven.I said the reason for them going to heaven is not that they’re not sinners. It’s called Romans 5, Forrest. Why don’t you read it sometime? And my tag has been renewed since February of 2012. Who the f*** is the stalker here, now?

As to your "understanding" of Galatians 5? Well, let’s just say when Paul says “if anyone is caught in a transgression…” he means “…if anyone is caught in a transgression…” The verse and passage is obviously (well, to anyone with the reading comprehension of a middle school slut, like I’m sure your wife was) about how to deal with someone you observe in sin. Well, b***h, it doesn’t say “Blog about it”.

And the passage out of Matthew 5 doesn't say anything about your anger, it says you remember someone else is angry with you. RIF, p***y. As far as me watching for the weak one, and waiting for the moment to strike because I’d figured out your weakness, trust me, motherf***er, if I’d known what your weakness was, I wouldn’t have done anything in class or gone to [name withheld].

Like I said, though, this is the last I’m going to say about it. Regarding your threats, anytime your b***h @$$ gets to feeling froggy, jump the f*** over. The cops are already well aware of this and while they said there’s nothing they can do till you do something, since they already know about the situation if something happens they know what to do. So, that’s the last I’m going to say about it, f*** tard. Say hello to Adolph for me.

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