Sunday, January 8, 2012

All kinds of FAIL on this one

Link to story. 

Cliff's notes:
A felon stole a gun. He then killed himself with said gun. That by itself is not actually too strange.

Here's where it gets strange... the man's family sets up an estate for him. The estate (read: his family) then sues the gun owner for liability. They also sue the manufacturer (GLOCK) for liability, claiming that the gun was intentionally designed to go off while stored in a case.

Fortunately, the case was thrown out.

It bears repeating folks: this society is headed the wrong way, and crazy like this is just the symptom.


  1. That is the single stupidest thing I've read in weeks. You are correct in that it is symptomatic of our society heading down the proverbial toilet.

  2. Agreed, Calm Gun.

    Mind if I link to your blog over on the side?


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