Thursday, July 16, 2009

Pops in the hospital

OK -

Pops had the vacuum machine removed today. The doctors also looked around inside the wound and found no further infection. Then the fun began...

One of the nurses accidentally knocked his IV out of his arm. The IV was providing fluids and PAIN MEDICINE. Moments later, my father is in excruciating pain. Then more fun...

The nurse cannot put the IV back in. After several painful and unsuccessful attempts, she calls the phlebotomist. He inserts the IV correctly the first time - after my father's arm is hamburger meat from the incompetent nurse's attempts.

Pops gets out of the hell-hole tomorrow.

Thank God!

I don't think he could survive their attempts on his life any more.

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  1. I don't think I have been more stressed or tense before in my life. Never been in so much pain without being in pain myself. I wish I could have extracted it from him. It was the most awful thing. Worse than the amputation recovery.


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