Wednesday, March 15, 2023

It's So Satisfying

On local Social Media Pages, it is not hard to find people that hate my friend and School Board commissioner, Joseph Padilla. Now, it is not hard to find that many of them participated in crossover voting (which is illegal) in an attempt to prevent Padilla from being elected to office. 

Well, one of that gang was so emboldened, presumably due to the difficulty of prosecuting crossover voting, that he broke the law in another way: Voter Fraud. Per WSMV and Tennessee Conservative News, Nicholas Greiner "pleaded guilty to illegal voting, a class D felony." Greiner, who many times on Social Media referred to himself as "more Libertarian" than anything else (with regards to political party), staunchly advocated masks, mask mandates, "the vaxx," "vaxx mandates," and Democrat and "Independent" candidates - certainly not Libertarian at all. Remember, in Wilson County, "I" means Democrat. Greiner's most common online cohorts include "The Gang" (of wine-moms), a notoriously Far-Left group. 

One of the funniest things to see in print is the many Far-Left persons on Social Media say that Greiner hasn't "been found guilty." The DA said Greiner pleaded guilty. True, he hasn't been found guilty, he admitted to the guilt!!! He admitted to a FELONY!  Cannot get more guilty than that. Some of these same persons suggest he owns (or owned) the house in Mt Juliet Zone 4 at the same time as he owned the house in Lebanon. (Remember - he voted in Mt Juliet Zone 4). According to property data:

Greiner bought the Lebanon House on May 2, 2022. He voted in the August election. There is no evidence on the Property Data page that he still owned the Mt Juliet house during any days when one could vote in the August election. So these statements that Greiner owned both are simply false and intentionally misleading or trying to conflate facts. Besides, Greiner pleaded GUILTY!

If you read the article, you know that another person was arrested and also pleaded guilty to the same crime. Kaitlyn Wakefield is her name. But, is she of the Left or of the Right? Well, this one might be slightly more difficult - but not much more. Follow the steps here:

Wakefield's father, Kevin Graves, ran for county commissioner (lost with only 34% of the vote, when the Republican earned 66%) as an "Independent." Of course, Kaitlyn and the family stated many times that claims he was a Democrat or RINO were "hearsay." 

So, is Graves a Republican? Possibly. But evidence from Social Media demonstrates otherwise. Posts touting Unions and work by President Biden:

The key words here, now that we have established that Graves is Liberal (RINO at the very least), are when Wakefield states that the claims are "hear say" (should be "hearsay") - a person would use the term "the claims are false" or similar. They twist words when they want to conflate facts. Remember, Conflation is the merging of two or more sets of information, texts, ideas or opinions into one, often in error. I do not use the word "confuse" as these people are not confused, they know exactly what they are doing! They are trying to confuse. 

Two leftists plead guilty to felony voter fraud. One of them has been screaming that voter fraud doesn't happen. So, here are the takeaways:
  • As usual, ignore what they say. Watch what they do. 
  • Psychological projection is real. Leftists use it constantly to live with their own behavior. It is a defensive mechanism, after all. 
  • Finally, some justice! 

It's so satisfying!


  1. We finally got to see who Nick Griener is without his mask.

    Nick Greiner personifies wokeness without the manbun. Nick is against voter id laws but is ok with lying to vote. Nick supports BLM but has never had a black person at either of his “houses” in both zones. I’ll stop there.

    I’ve know about this situation since August and waited patiently for it to materialize. It was hard not to tell Wilson County as Nick continued to tout his intelligence on all things COVID.

    His attacks on women was borderline misogynistic but the women he attacked refused to be victims and sky screamers and most liberal ladies.

    You don’t judge a man when things are going good, you judge them when things are tough. Nick went into hiding, deleting all his comments and graphs. That should tell you all you need to know about his guilt and character.

    I truly hope Nick gets the help he needs and doesn’t feel the need to wear a mask to hide who he really is.

    1. If I were that ugly (on the inside), I'd wear a mask in shame, as well.


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