Friday, August 5, 2022

9 Out Of 10 Ain't Bad

The August primaries are behind us.  For a number of local elections, this ballot had the final say.  As per previous posts on this blog, this author voted to #SendInTheMarine for Wilson county school board, district 4.

As with 9 other races in the County, this particular match up pitted a Republican against an "Independent."

In a county that historically votes 70% Republican, many assert that the only reason that a person would run as an "Independent" is because they cannot qualify to run as a Republican.

Of the 10 races of R vs "I," the Republican won 9.  Only county commission district 18 fell to the democrat, er, "Independent."

Last evening, the wife and I attended the victory celebration for Padilla.  I brought some food, as about 20 people were expected to show.  Expectations were exceeded -

Yeah, it looks like 20 people.  On the right side alone.  At least that many more on the other side. 

Padilla gave a very humble election victory speech.  He really does this to protect the children.  No more socialist policies... not on his watch. 

This picture from a nearby table as the festivities were winding down. 

The next school board meeting is when the new members are sworn in.  I bet we don't have mask mandates in the near future. No CRT garbage being taught.  Etc.

There were many other wins for conservatives all over the state, but this one meant the most to me. 

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